Dundee Contemporary Arts

Exhibition & Promotion

Illustrator Johanna Basford has forged an impressive career over the past decade or so;
cultivating a client list that would be the envy
of most in the creative industry… and a couple
of best selling books to boot. Her first solo show, Wonderlands, was held in the summer of 2013
at Dundee Contemporary Arts and ended up being one of the most popular exhibitions the venue has hosted in its history.

The task of designing materials to promote and accompany the exhibition was both a pleasure and a delight. Basford’s instantly recognisable, sumptuous and intricately detailed work is at its strongest when it is presented in a clean, unfussy manner. This was clearly demonstrated across outdoor posters, flyers and exhibition programmes which were seen throughout Dundee for the show’s duration.


Design: Ryan R Thompson
Illustration & Art Direction: Johanna Basford
Posca Pup Photography: Sam Brill

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