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Identity, Editorial & Digital

Sync was a programme of activities designed to support cultural organisations to develop a more progressive relationship with technology and technologists. Funded by Creative Scotland, the programme’s main area of focus was SyncTank, an online & printed series of ‘ideas & innovation’ publications containing features, project profiles, opinion pieces and other articles to bring fresh energy and perspectives to those working in the arts.

The Sync team were also responsible for organising annual 24-hour Culture Hack Scotland events and the Geeks-in-Residence placement initiative. These activities brought cultural organisations, creatives and tech talent together to create work, experiment and help further understanding of developments in technology. All of these components together served to nurture appreciation of the practical and
creative possibilities technology can provide.

A visual identity was created to reflect Sync’s
key aims; embracing technology, creativity
and collaboration. The main components of
the identity and colour scheme were devised
to represent the three strands of the programme and to ensure that a variety of content could be presented in a recognisable, welcoming and attractive manner.


Sync: Rohan Gunatillake, Suzy Glass, Erin Maguire, Devon Walsh, Chris Sharratt, Emmie McKay
Identity, Design & Art Direction: Ryan R Thompson
Website Development: Inigo / Infinite Eye