Linn Records
Super Audio Collection 6


Premium Scottish hi-fi manufacturers and record label, Linn, commissioned a new design for the sixth edition of their Super Audio Collection CD sampler. The brief was to move away from previous designs which were generally very equipment-centric, dark and sombre in appearance.

Volume 6 was to appear fresh and bright, more personal — and to evoke fond memories of the lost art of compiling mix tapes. Something which would appeal to a cross section of music fans, not just the hi-fi enthusiast.

The packaging design took on a form which was big and bold instantly identifiable as being a Linn ‘mix tape’, while still adhering to Linn’s brand guidelines. The CD on-body and inlays were printed using vibrant spot inks to provide a bit of additional visual electricity, combined with typography that provides a simultaneously retro and modern feel.


Concept & Design: Ryan R Thompson