Dundee Contemporary Arts
sub-fusc love-feast

Exhibition, Promotion & Print

Artist and award-winning poet Heather Phillipson’s immersive, multi-faceted installation work sub-fusc love-feast was commissioned and hosted by Dundee Contemporary Arts in the autumn of 2014 to coincide with the annual Discovery Film Festival. It was Phillipson’s first major Scottish show, featuring audio work and video projections created specifically for the show, within a jungle of props, cut-outs and trails of green fluorescent paint.

Promotional material for the show was designed in collaboration with the artist and portrayed a chaotic, energetic collage of references from the show itself. This was rendered in print with layers of glowing, saturated colour and rounded type which feels at home in the chaos. These lively posters, brochures and flyers functioned
as an enticing teaser for the main attraction.


Design: Ryan R Thompson
Collage & Art Direction: Heather Phillipson
Artwork Assistance: Lauren Millar
Installation View Photographs: Ruth Clark

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