House of MacDuff

Identity & Packaging

The Selkie blended malt scotch whisky was devised by Iain MacDuff of Cumbrae Supply / House of MacDuff as a new signature blended product that would capture the imagination
of whisky connoisseurs and novices alike.

‘The mythical Selkie shifts its shape from seal to human by shedding its seal pelt and is said to be
so beautiful in human form that any mortal would desire to have one for a partner. Each limited batch of this is non-chill filtered blended malt whisky provides a unique drinking experience.’

The nectar itself is created in limited batches from choice malt whiskies, to make for a unique and collectible — as well as delicious — blended signature whisky. The aim with Selkie was to create a modern, accessible whisky that stays true to its Scotch malt origins. This combination of ‘old & new’ provided direction for the visual appearance of the Selkie. Selkie’s identity and packaging is consistent with Golden Cask and
the House of MacDuff brand but possesses its own unique character as a result of beautiful art nouveau meets graphic novel-style illustration provided by Italy’s Malleus Art Rock Lab.


Selkie Concept: Iain MacDuff
Design & Art Direction: Ryan R Thompson
Illustration: Malleus Rock Art Lab
Photography: Gordon Burniston