House of MacDuff
Golden Cask

Identity & Packaging

The foundation provided by the visual identity development for House of MacDuff created a
firm basis for the direction of its product lines. Its flagship limited edition single cask range,
The Golden Cask, utilises a suite of traditional-looking, hand drawn assets that provide it with its unique style whilst retaining a clear relationship with the parent brand.

Golden Cask is a range of specially-selected single malt, single cask bottlings, chosen
from distilleries from all of Scotland’s whisky producing regions. This means that every batch is completely unique and limited to the number of bottles that can be filled from the cask. Basically, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

The Golden Cask visual identity and packaging was created by marrying distinctive imagery with a confident, contemporary typographic approach that helps convey the brand’s strong sense of both heritage and exploration. The bottles themselves are printed with sections of a vibrant illustrated landscape that ensures the idea of a ‘whisky journey of discovery’ is presented before a customer even gets to the best part… tasting it.


Concept & Design: Ryan R Thompson
Illustration: Pauly Le Pew
Photography: Gordon Burniston