Flip Side

Identity, Print & Event

Flip Side was a touring project by theatre directors Davey Anderson and Gary McNair, which took place in the summer of 2014 during the build
up to the Scottish independence referendum.
It comprised a series of informal ‘philosophy cafés’ aimed at people of all ages — from 8 years old and upwards, followed by a run of town hall style ‘meetings’ which posed questions on the ideas of nationhood and independence with a fun, open, colourful, tongue-in-cheek pub quiz atmosphere.

A set of vibrant, colourful events called for a vibrant and colourful graphic style, which could appeal to adults and youngsters alike and conjure nostalgic visions of puzzles and games. The Rubik’s Cube emerged as an ideal reference point, with its ever-changing, ever-frustrating changing make-up of colourful interconnected squares. The cube logo, combined with collages made from found imagery and cartoon illustrations adorning flyers and beer mats provided the answer.

Disclaimer: beer mats were not given to 8 year olds.


Original Concept: Davey Anderson & Gary McNair
Identity Design & Art Direction: Ryan R Thompson
‘How to Choose’ Illustration: Savinder Bual