House of MacDuff
Fifty / 50 / Gin

Identity & Packaging

Fifty / 50 / Gin is a limited edition cask-aged gin created by whisky specialists House of MacDuff. Its unusual colour is a result of being aged in virgin oak casks for ten years, making it the oldest cask-aged gin in the world.

Its striking appearance is more than matched
by a unique and unforgettable flavour. While looking and smelling vaguely like Scotch whisky, the taste itself possesses all the hints of botanics and floral notes that serve as the basis for any respectable gin. This all makes for a highly versatile premium spirit that appeals to whisky and gin drinkers alike, while being a perfect key ingredient for an endless variety of cocktails.

A refined, type-based visual identity was created to sit alongside existing product brands from the House of MacDuff range and provide Fifty / 50 / Gin with a distinctive appearance within the busy gin market. Playful use of a cask-shaped bottle, featuring a gold (whisky) and silver (gin) label, adds an element of fun to contrast with the seemingly serious demeanour of the beautifully constructed outer box packaging.


Design & Art Direction: Ryan R Thompson
Product Photography: Gordon Burniston
Additional Box Photography: Guy Farrow