62: Alan Kitching

Print, Promotion & Event

LongLunch is a series of graphic design lectures which have been held in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London since 2013. Rydo became involved as an organiser in its tenth anniversary year and has helped bring a range of incredible international speakers to appear at events in Scotland. In early 2016, LongLunch hosted legendary British letterpress designer, Alan Kitching.

For this event, Alan stated his preference that someone else take on the mantle of designing the limited edition commemorative poster and Rydo was honoured to oblige. ‘The A–Z of Alan Kitching’ event title was agreed as a reference to his book, Alan Kitching’s A–Z of Letterpress, and Alan supplied scans of the three key characters (A, Z, –) which he’d printed in his studio. His artwork was then translated into a fitting, bold poster layout and ink separations created to letterpress print the final two colour piece.


Design: Ryan R Thompson with Alan Kitching

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