Dundee Contemporary Arts

Print & Promotion

Editions is an ongoing collection of limited edition artists’ prints selected through the curatorial programme at Dundee Contemporary Arts, which includes a veritable trove of gems.
A requirement was identified to produce a
piece of print which would promote and raise awareness of the collection among visitors to
the DCA galleries, café and cinema. The brief for this flyer was deceptively simple — create an arresting visual statement that communicates the core idea behind Editions: art for sale.

There were a couple of other specific requirements too: the design had to be red
(the DCA’s main brand colour), and it had to use Helvetica (the DCA’s font of choice). The solution — circular red stickers, arranged to form Helvetica-esque lettering which spells out the word ‘Editions’. Rather than realising this concept with the help of Photoshop, the image was created by hand — painstakingly, using a scalpel, drawing board and a multitude of red stickers. Ain’t nothing like the real thing. (Baby.)


Concept & Design: Ryan R Thompson

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