Dangerfield Mills
Constructed with Care

Identity, Packaging & Print

Dangerfield Mills makes quality bags and accessories and is named after one of the most famous and historic mills in Scotland. William Watson & Son established their facility in the early 1800s in Hawick — the traditional epicentre of the Scottish textile industry — where it was
in operation for 200 years. According to legend,
it’s the place where the most Scottish of fabrics, tweed, was named…

Founder Chris Johnston started Dangerfield
Mills after spending a number of years building up expertise, know-how and a cult following with his previous Glasgow-based streetwear brand, Edison. The label is driven by a passion for heritage, history and a duty to carry the legacy
of quality Scottish textiles into the 21st Century. Its products are ‘constructed with care’ using
the best Scottish fabrics and materials where possible, with freshness, sustainability and durability of paramount importance.

Rydo was approached to develop a contemporary graphic & visual identity for the company that would help the new venture announce itself
and communicate the values that Chris is so passionate about. A vibrant and variable colour scheme lends energy to the brand while its Scottish origins are expressed through the timeless criss-cross signature marque, the construction of which is based on a saltire. Attention to detail — and a focus on quality materials — is reflected in the approach to packaging and other branded items, with an assured typographic style carried across physical material and the Dangerfield Mills website.


Identity Design & Art Direction: Ryan R Thompson
Model Photography: Curse Those Eyes