Curatorial Practice
(Contemporary Art)

Identity & Print

Taught jointly by the Glasgow School of Art
and the University of Glasgow, MLitt Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art), is a unique, intensive, one-year postgraduate programme that provides a stimulating framework for emerging curators to develop, situate and critically refine their own work.

Glasgow is viewed as one of the most vibrant
and distinctive art scenes globally and students benefit from working closely with artists and other organisations in the city, while at the same time forging connections further afield and actively participating in international conversations. The programme oversees a
wide range of curatorial-related activity, from residencies and support structures, to writing-
as-practice, self-organised and collaborative work, digital platforms, and events ‘operating outwith the conventional sphere of presentation’.

To provide some consistency and cohesion across such a broad range of material and subjects, a straightforward, typographically-led visual identity system was created. The aim was to formalise something distinctive that would represent the course — a wordmark and ‘globe’ icon — while also providing a versatile visual framework, comprised of a monochrome (or non-prescriptive) colour palette and a house type-style that can be neutral when needed
or shout more loudly where appropriate.


Visual Identity: Ryan R Thompson