Cross Artform Catalysts


Trigger is a team of producers, founded in Glasgow in 2011 with a mission to ‘cross-pollinate artists and ideas’, instigating high quality, meaningful projects and interventions that create impact. They have worked with
a broad range of cultural organisations and individuals including: Fuel Theatre, the Science Museum, Creative Scotland, Edinburgh Art Festival, NVA, National Theatre of Scotland, Aidan Moffat, Scott Hutchison, Gary McNair
and Josie Long.

The nature of Trigger’s output suggested that
they required a visual identity that could act as a prominent focal point. The flip side to this being that it also had work effectively in a neutral way; as a partner in a project or as an associate for events. Step one was to establish a clean, contemporary approach to typography which would fit the bill in terms of providing impact where needed, or taking on a more ‘quiet’ supportive role. Step two was to consider the
key ideas which underpin the Trigger philosophy — periphery, overlaps and participation. A strong, iconic mark was created to represent the company, directly inspired by these integral themes.


Concept & Design: Ryan R Thompson

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