House of MacDuff
Burns Nectar

Identity & Packaging

Burns Nectar is a single malt tribute to one
of Scotland’s most famous sons… and a fitting one given the bard’s known penchant for a dram.
This soft, sweet Highland malt is crafted to appeal to all whisky drinkers and goes particularly well with haggis in January, apparently.

The label for this fine nectar was re-designed
to coincide with the general revamp of House
of MacDuff’s visual identity and product range.
It sits proudly alongside other products such
as Selkie, Golden Cask and Blend Nº888 while retaining its own distinctive character. An association with such a skilled wordsmith required an elegant, unfussy and classy look
that is achieved through a strong, bookish-but-contemporary composition with eye-catching embossed gold foiling.


Design: Ryan R Thompson
Photography: Gordon Burniston