Admiral Fallow
Boots Met My Face (12 inch vinyl)


A limited edition, fully remastered, 12 inch vinyl edition of Admiral Fallow’s debut album Boots Met My Face was released for Record Store Day 2012. As a reference to the change in front cover artwork from the original version to the re-release, the ‘old’ murky, scratchy cover image featuring a loitering cow in a field was re-introduced. This provided a brand new back cover for the vinyl sleeve, acknowledging the album’s history with a knowing wink.

Aside from the band name and album title on the spine, the outer sleeve was kept completely free of text, to allow the photography to be presented unimpeded. Redesigning the artwork for a larger format also meant that full song lyrics could be in included in the album inlay for the first time,
a bonus for Admiral Fallow die-hards. The sleeve and fold-out inlay poster were printed on specially selected uncoated board and paper to enhance the tactility of the physical package and provide texture befitting the album’s imagery.


Design: Ryan R Thompson
Album Photography: Luke G Joyce