House of MacDuff
Blend Nº888

Identity & Packaging

Blend Nº888 is a signature whisky from House
of MacDuff which can be characterised as a ‘classic’ blend, with a high malt content and hints of honey. It also has the distinct honour
of being classed as ‘definitely worth buying’ in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2011—2018, a real accolade for a relatively low profile blended
malt of humble origin.

The blend takes the inspiration for its name
and imagery from the far east; the number 8 being considered extremely lucky in Chinese numerology and a series of the number is said
to amplify the level of good fortune involved. Continuing with the theme of good fortune,
the label also has an adopted koi mascot, representing perseverance, strength of purpose, abundance and perseverance in animal form.
The koi was retained in this label redesign which brought a bolder, cleaner, more confident and impactful presence to the bottle, in keeping with the broader Cumbrae Supply / House of MacDuff brand identity.


Design: Ryan R Thompson
Photography: Gordon Burniston