Travelling Gallery
Alt-w: Blush Response

Print, Exhibition & Promotion

As part of Scotland’s Festival of Architecture 2016, New Media Scotland’s Alt-w Fund commissioned a series of new works for the Travelling Gallery, by artists based in Scotland and working with digital media. The Alt-w Fund supports and encourages artists to explore experimental and interactive practice, making use of technology as both a platform and a medium, recognising the continuous changing role that digital culture has in our society.

For Alt-w: Blush Response, each newly commissioned artwork had two relating elements; a smaller work to suit the unique Travelling Gallery space (a repurposed bus)
and a larger work installed at a specific location in Scotland. During its tour of Scotland, the Travelling Gallery visited the each of the larger works’ locations, bringing the smaller and larger components of each project together in a ‘blush’.


Design & Art Direction: Ryan R Thompson