Activ Scotland
Movement, Performance, Therapy

Identity, Environment & Digital

Activ is an independent fitness studio in the centre of Glasgow that offers classes, personal training programmes and specialist treatments. The studio’s attitude towards fitness is based on stripping things back and keeping things simple; quality over quantity and variety over repetition.

Rydo has worked closely with founder Gordon Cunningham from when Activ was originally established back in 2010. The brand created
at the start has evolved over time in parallel
with how the business itself has changed and developed. A move in 2016 to larger premises prompted a brand refresh, conducted to reflect the fitness studio’s revamped programme of services and its expanded team of coaches & sports therapists.

The focal point for the revamped visual identity is the bespoke Activ A — a mark that can be used on its own, large or small, across all manner
of items, from training gear to interior signs
and graphics. The stencil icon is made up of three component parts, to represent the Activ motto of ‘Movement, Performance, Therapy’
and encapsulate the brand proposition. A new, flexible and energetic colour palette was also produced as part of the identity progression
and can be seen in action on the Activ website and supporting material.


Identity Design: Ryan R Thompson
Photography: Kieran Dodds